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The BNext VR Headset

From the time where having a phone was a big deal to a time where even kids have mobile phones, we have come a long way when it comes to technology. So, with so much talk about virtual reality (VR) going around, could your phone allow you to experience it? Well, you’ll find the answer in our BNext VR Headset review.

Most people are aware of the two main types of VR headsets, standalone VR headsets and tethered VR headsets. But, there’s a third type too. These are headsets that convert your phone screen into a VR headset and are called “mobile VR headsets.” In true sense, the mobile VR headsets are more so VR viewers than gaming headsets. They basically convert your phone’s interface into a VR interface! So, which mobile VR headset is the best on the market? Our team set out to find the answer and stumbled upon the BNext VR Headset.

About BNext

The BNext VR Headset is one of the cheapest ways of experiencing VR, costing you only around $30. But, in comparison to other high-end VR gaming headsets like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift S, BNext VR Headset is more so a VR viewer.

As discussed above, mobile VR headsets convert your mobile phones’ interface into a VR interface. But how? Firstly, you place your mobile phone inside the headset. These headsets come with lenses and only work with phones that allow you to split your phone screen into two smaller screens. These lenses then convert these split images into one image that you can then view through your VR headset.

Who Can Use BNext?

The BNext VR Headset can convert both iOS and Android phones into VR viewers.  Also, people who do not wish to spend too much, yet want to experience VR, can go with this Headset.

BNext VR Headset Review

Unboxing BNext

The BNext VR Headset does not come with much, other than the VR Headset itself. The box contains a user manual, a cleaning cloth, foam square pads for additional comfort and a centering ruler.


The BNext VR Headset has been designed much like other VR headsets; a screen that sits on your face. The VR headset is made using high-quality ABS plastic that certainly contributes to its durability. It holds up pretty well if it were to drop from your hands. The headset is secured around your head using an adjustable rubber strap. There is a nose-gap in place to fit noses of all sizes inside the VR headset. However, the nose-gap can lead to a certain level of leakage of light inside the headset, which can often be a very off-putting factor for users.

On the comfort front, the VR headset does just enough. For the forehead, users are provided with a generous amount of foam. The weight distribution could be slightly bothersome as it did feel a little bit heavier on the face when paired with heavier phones. There are holes on the side of the VR headset that allow you to plug in your headphones into your phone. Handling the phone holder is also easy.


The performance of a mobile VR headset mostly revolves around the quality of the phone’s display. This is because mobile VR headsets are converters and do not allow for any other interaction, other than observation of the VR world you watch through your phones. Still, BNext has tried its best to ensure the lenses are big enough for you to get a clearer and sharper image. These lenses are adjustable, i.e., you can adjust their distance from your eyes.

The Verdict

All in all, the BNext VR headset is one of the best mobile VR headsets available on the market. It has a smart look, a durable build and it costs only as little as around $30. So, do not think much and get the BNext VR headset and experience the virtual world, right from your phone!

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